Hello, and welcome to my website!

My name is Aaron Meyer. I guide for muskies throughout Central Minnesota. I grew up right here and have years of experience on numerous lakes throughout the region. As an avid, life-long outdoorsman I’ve always been drawn to the pursuits that provided the greatest challenges as well as the greatest rewards. Minnesota’s BIG muskies provide that level of challenge and reward!

I was bitten by the muskie bug a long time ago and have found that the thrills these fish provide keep me constantly searching for more! Along with my never-ending desire to chase these elusive beasts, the excitement of helping others catch their first or biggest muskie led me to begin a guiding career. As your guide, I’ll work hard to provide you the opportunity to catch a trophy muskie, and take the time to teach you what it takes to catch them consistently. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned angler, I can help to increase your knowlege of muskies and show you techniques to put more and bigger fish in the net!

The area where I live gives me access to a variety of lakes, allowing me to adjust to daily and seasonal trends in fish activity. Most of these lakes fall into the region of the state where the prairies and farmlands of the South and West meet the forests of the North. It’s a scenic area providing clear, yet fertile waters that produce excellent fisheries for a variety of species. Muskies grow quickly in these waters. The average fish we catch is in the mid-forty inch range, and much larger fish are quite common! In fact, all of the lakes I fish frequently produce muskies of 50 inches or more!!

To ensure this outstanding fishing remains available for everyone, I have a 100% catch-and-release policy on muskies.

Along with guiding, my passion for muskies has led me to become involved in preserving the future of this great resource. In the modern world, great fisheries don’t just happen by mistake! It takes proper managment directed by scientific research to maintain our high quality fishing opportunities. To that end, I volunteer with the Minnesota DNR, helping them with activities such as muskie netting and electro-fishing to monitor fish populations and conduct genetic studies.

Minnesota has some of the very best muskie fisheries in existence, and a big part of what brought us to this point is the hard work and dedication of those that came before us. I feel that we all have a responsibility to continue working to protect and enhance our fisheries. I am a Board Member of my local Muskies Inc. chapter and am currently also the Co-Chair of the Minnesota Muskie and Pike Alliance. It is the goal of both of these conservation organizations to maintain our high quality fishing opportunities. We work hard to support and facilitate sound fisheries management and regulation, protection of fish habitats and waters throughout Minnesota, support for the DNR’s management plans in the Legislature, and increased public education in matters regarding muskies, pike, and our fisheries.

One of our greatest recent actions was the stocking of two new muskie waters in Minnesota: Roosevelt Lake near Outing, and the Sauk River “Horseshoe” Chain near Richmond! I grew up on the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes and, with the help of my friends in these organizations, successfully spearheaded the effort to stock muskies there! Both of these waters are going to become top-notch muskie destinations and I can’t wait to catch a monster from a fishery I helped create!