Let’s go!

I will work hard to make sure your day on the water is an enjoyable one! We’ll spend the day fishing locations, lures, and techniques proven to consistently produce big fish under the current conditions. I will explain the types of structures we are targeting and how muskies use them, as well as the effects that weather patterns and seasonal changes have on muskies. I’ll also help you with proper lure presentation and figure-8 techniques that will result in more hook-ups, and will teach you how to safely handle and release these amazing fish.

We’ll be fishing out of a wide, stable Lund boat powered by a Honda 4-stroke outboard. I utilize Minn-Kota trolling motors and Lowrance GPS/sonar electronics to maintain effective boat positioning. I provide all equipment, including quality rods and reels, Frabill landing net, release tools, digital camera, and a huge selection of fish catching lures.

Although not necessary, you may bring a favorite rod and reel and/or a few lures, but please keep it to a minimum.

To protect our outstanding fisheries, I maintain a 100% Catch & Release Only policy on muskies. No Exceptions. We will take a quick measurement and a few good photos, then immediately release your fish to fight another day. I will gladly refer you to taxidermy artists who can make an extremely life-like replica of your trophy.

What you need to bring:

*Minnesota fishing license.

*Polarized sunglasses and sunscreen.

*Raingear. (Please no cheap plastic ponchos- you can’t fish effectively while wearing one and they don’t keep you dry anyway)

*Proper clothing for the time of year. Keep in mind, conditions can change quickly.

*Camera. I will have mine and can e-mail you a digital image from my camera if you wish.

*Food and beverages for yourself. Some lakes do have eating establishments on or near the water where we can take a break if you’d like.


The most common question I get asked is: “When is the best time to come?” Well, that’s a tough question to answer and it depends on what you are looking for.

The Minnesota muskie season runs from the first Saturday in June through December 1st. Nobody can honestly gaurantee the muskies will bite on any given day, and the current weather is usually the biggest influence on fish activity, but we do consistently catch big muskies and good numbers of fish throughout the entire season- right down to the last minutes of the last day!

Here is a brief break-down of the muskie season:

June. This is spring to a muskie. After several months under the ice, a muskies’ metabolism is not yet at full speed but the water temps are climbing and the fish are getting hungry. They haven’t seen a lure in 6 months and can be readily fooled by a good presentation. We will employ a combination of casting and trolling techniques.

July through mid- September. The “warm water period”. As water temps and weed growth reach their peak, so does the muskies metabolism. This period often results in some of the highest numbers of fish being caught, as well as some of the biggest. However- long, brutally hot days can sometimes bring the action to a halt. Typically this part of the year means fishing quickly, covering water and hitting a lot of spots. We’ll mostly be casting, though we will troll if the situation calls for it.

Late September through Late-October. The onset of fall has muskies in the feeding mood. Fishing can be fantastic but frequent cold fronts, and the onset of turnover, can sometimes make this period a little unpredictable. We’ll begin to slow down a little from summer’s high-speed aproach, still mainly casting but adding more trolling and possibly live-bait/quick-strike rig techniques.

End of October through December 1st. By now, turnover is complete and the lakes have settled into the “cold water period”. This is a time that we slow down, methodically fishing prime spots. Cold weather can sometimes be a challenge for both angler and equipment but the fish will usually reward you for your efforts. Often, the biggest fish show up more consistently now than at any other time of year! This is a time for big baits- both casting and trolling, and we also rely heavily on live-bait/quick-strike rig techniques. Call me crazy, but this may be my favorite part of the entire year!!

*Weather: We will fish- rain, snow, wind, or shine! However, in extreme cases, or if safety becomes an issue we will leave the lake. Often, we can wait for the storm to pass, then get right back to chasing muskies!


Rates are for up to two people. A $100 deposit is required to secure a date when booking a trip in advance.

A “Full-Day” trip typically lasts a minimum of 10 hours and often goes a full 12 hours: $375

A “Half-Day” trip is 5-6 hours: $260

*Please note: Throughout the entire season, most trips will include at least some time fishing after dark. Sometimes we will fish long into the night. Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you.